What’s your excuse? I can’t train because I’m too old, or I have past injuries, I work too many hours, etc.

I will soon be Level 61 or as most folks say (61 years young). I have lost my acls by going hard in training and letting ego get in the way when I was younger. The same with reconstruction to be able to breath because of tuff injuries.

In addition to martial arts injuries I have had to deal with law enforcement related injuries. I am the survivor of a flipped police car at high speed (landed upside down), three head on vehicle collisions with violent criminals, and being T-Boned at 86 miles per hour and split open. I was involved in countless violent arrest and control and all out physical fights with violent criminals (in boats, cars, stairs, pavement, hotel rooms, hones, yards etc) and had to do actual gun, knife, weapon takeaways. With that said, I still get up and work a forty hours a work week. I then go to the academy and teach and train on the mats and lead from the front, three hours a night (Mon-Fri), and 3-4 hours a week (andadd private lessons to that).

I can go 10 rounds (5 minutes each) anaerobic and aerobic mix rounds on the bags, roll in GI and no GI., do judo and wrestling throws, and takedowns, and take the falls.

How? I get up and put one foot in front of the other. No I am definitely not as strong, as fast, or possess the endurance that I did as a young infantry Marine on the (Super Squad Team), Army infantryman, Police Officer, or Deputy US Marshal.

But, as I got older, I became wiser and started to use the striking drills, grappling drills, stretching routines, yoga, Gracie Diet, and the weighted running that I did on my youth in my current training. This helps me to continue training.

Can I become like I was before? Probably not. But, can I try to and train towards that end without carrying wether I reach that goal or not ? Yes.

I have seen students and instructors of many different martial arts systems in their 30s who have to limit themselves to a certain way of training because they have no endurance, they do not possess strength, they are not flexible, they can’t kick, punch, or they can’t stand up and grapple, or they can’t execute wrestling take downs, or judo throws, see their toes, etc.

The answer? Don’t make weak excuses and cut yourself short. Get up and take care of your home, family, go to work and do your job, go into the gym, academy and train as much as you can without burning out. Train correctly not as a YouTube only student. Help yourself and help others. Eat properly. Do it all, then go home at the end of the day and take care of home.

Don’t Weak Out. Man or Woman up and keep training and doing what’s right, taking full responsibility for your actions and in-actions, and stop making excuses as why you can’t get in functional physical shape, or do this martial art or that technique, etc. Give up the ego.

Keep training and never care about teaching the end. There is time to arrive at the end when we die.

And then go to heaven and train with the arch angel Micahel.

Drew Arthur
Relson Gracie JiuJitsu/Lone Star MMA Academy
3508-B Westway Street, Tyler, Tx 75707

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  1. Ricardo P

    Hello, I would like more information on monthly payments, I’m a 54 years old man. Need to get in shape, and keep up with the young ones. Most important thing to be healthier to live longer for my family. Thank you.

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