Ray Parra

Visiting Jeet kune Do/Kali/Silat Instructor

Drew was certified by Ray Parra, as an instructor in Jeet Kune Do/Kali/Silat. Ray was trained for many decades, and certified as an instructor under Bruce Lees protege Dan Inosanto.
Guru Ray Parra:

  • Current owner and instructor of the Parra Academy of Martial Arts and Affiliate Instructor’s Program throughout the US.
  • Current Head Instructor for the Randy White Big Man Camp football program with ex Dallas Cowboy Randy White.
  • 2011 Promoted to Blue Belt under Black Belt King Spider Web. Thanks for past BJJ training under Robby Robadi, Devin Miller, and Darrin Lillian.
  • 2005 – Present Full Instructor un Sifu Larry Hartsel JKD Grappling Association
  • 1989-Present Full Instructor Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts under Inosanto International Martial Arts Instructors Association. Currently working on Senior Full Instructor Program
  • 1988-Present Thai Boxing Association of USA
    First Level Instructor under Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute
  • 1987-Present Unified Martial Arts Association. Full Instructor under Marc Mcfann, Unconventional and conventional ground fighting
  • 1988-Present Lucaylucay Kali Jeet Kune Do Apprentice Instructor under Ted Lucay Lucay
  • 1982-Present Pekiti Tirsia Global Organization – Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr.
  • 1982 Instructor Pekiti Tirsia
  • 1988 Appointed as Director for Austin Pekiti Tirsia
  • 2002 Chartered to teach Pekiti Tirsia as Austin Pitbulls Representative
  • 1973-1986 Butokan Karate Association, 5 th Degree Black Belt Butokan Karate under Lynn L. Nichols master instructor.
  • Trained in Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido under Lynn Nichols and Greg Allen, El Paso , Texas
  • Trained and competed in Bushido Full Contact Fighting and participated in public demonstration matches
  • Ran martial arts classes for disadvantaged youth at various community and YMCA centers in El Paso , Texas
  • 1973-1975 World Tae Kwon Do Association 1 st Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Karate
  • Trained at the University with the International Exchange Students Association from China in Wing Chung and Kempo Karate
  • 1988 U.S. Police Defensive Tactics Ass. Certification in Pressure Point Control Tactics, use of Baton, Knife, Sai, Tonfa, Kuboton, Defensive Tactics, Baton and Empty Hand Defense, and Spontaneous Knife Defense

Martial Arts Achievements

  • Inducted into the Martial Arts and Boxing Hall of Fame, El Paso, Texas , due to accomplishments in the Arts
  • Commissioned by the US Military to provide advanced and intermediate- edged weapons training for the US Special Warfare Center to 7 th
  • Special Forces Group (Airborne), Ft. Bragg , NC and the US 7th Cavalry in Ft Hood, Texas
  • Provide international training in edged weapons and hand to hand combat to the Philippine Recon Marines, Special Response Team and the
  • National Police Academy in the Philippines through the Pekiti Tirsia Global Ass.
  • Provide on-going law enforcement trainers training in grappling with edged weapons for the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Provided defensive tactics training for law enforcement agencies in Texas and throughout the country
  • Developed the first defensive tactics course for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Officers
  • Developed an impact and empty hand training video for Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  • Developed an impact and empty hand training manual for Texas Department of Criminal Justice
    2002 Awarded a medal for being Senior Student in the Pekiti Tirsia Global Organization by Tuhon Leo T. Gaje.
  • Operate several Martial Arts Schools with a curriculum consistent with that taught at the Inosanto Martial Arts Academy
  • Provide on-going military and law enforcement training
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