Moshe Katz

Visiting Krav Maga instructor

Moshe Katz is a former Israeli Defense Force Soldier. He is Drew Arthurs Krav Maga instructor. Drew holds his Krav Maga Black Belt under Moshe Katz.

Moshe began his martial arts training in the 1980’s while a student at a Rabbinical college in Jerusalem. Rabbi Meir Kahane tried to encourage him to learn martial arts, but Moshe was, at first, resistant. After seeing the movie, “The Karate Kid”, Moshe had a change of heart. While back in the USA, Moshe began to train at the Oyama Dojo. He trained in Wing Chun Kung-Fu with Sifu Chun Kwok Chow. Moshe served in the Israeli military, as a soldier in the Israeli Defense Force. Moshe is the highest ranked Israeli Krav Maga black belt (4th degree) under the famed Itay Gil.

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