Enn Quiet Storm (Fairtex) Janthakhun

Visiting instructor Enn Quiet Storm (Fairtex) Janthakhun was formerly the head instructor of training at Fairtex Muay Thai Kick Boxing in San Francosco, Ca.

When Enn lived and taught at the academy he was called “Enn Fairtex”.

Later Enn lead the Frisco Fight Club, and the Berkley Muay Thai Kick Boxing.

Originally from Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, Enn is a former world Muay Thai kick boxing champion in Thailand and has fought on the USA.
Enn is the former IKF and IKKC champion

During the early days of Muay Thai Kick Boxing in Northern California the original Fairtex Muay Thai Kick Boxing Academy of San Francisco, Ca. housed some of the absolute best Muay Thai fighters in the world.

Enn “Quiet Storm” Janthakhun was one of the best. Enn is is known to be easy going and quite man. He is small in stature. But in the ring, when he competed he became an highly accurate, and tough as nails opponent to everyone he fought. Enn was the Muay Thai Lumpinee Champion in Thailand, as well as IKF and IKKC champion. Enn’s accuracy, attention to detail, and passion to teach the best technique is commendable.

Master Enn has an easy and caring manner in teaching his students to excel and become winners in the King of Sport “Muay Thai Kick Boxing. Master Enn has moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, and teaches at Punisher Muay Thai.

Drews Instructor. During the early 1900s :

Drew arrived at Fairtex Muay Thai for his first 10 day live in camp.

Enn was assigned to teach Drew because they were both south paws (left handed). In just three days after arriving to Fairtex, Enn got Drew ready for a gym fight against an opponent from another Muay Thai academy. Drew was 40 years of age and stopped a tough 28 year old in the first round.

Subsequently Enn and Bunkard Fairtex and the late Alex Gong presented Drew with his first Mongkon . Drew was sold. He knew he had found his standup fighting pathway.

Enn Quiet Storm (Fairtex) Janthakhun- relson gracie tyler
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