Train Your KIDS!

PARENTS: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Gymnastics, Etc are all good- but the truth is these and other kids sports will not save your child from being bullied, from being hurt, from being killed, or kidnapped.  When your child trains at a reputable reality based street self-defense based school he/she learns to protect him/herself when attacked. With us, they will learn how to speak to bullies, attackers, how to defend themselves when standing, in a clinch, or on the ground. These skills can save your child and give you peace of mind.

Train with the only Certified Relson Gracie Jiujitsu Black Belt (who trained directly under and was tested and promoted by 9th Degree Red Belt Relson Gracie himself) in East Texas.

Drew is also a black belt in judo, Japanese JiuJitsu, Krav Maga, Kempo, and holds instructor certifications in Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Hagana, Shoot Wrestling, and LAPDs Arrest And Control certs. Drew is also a certified Muay Thai Kick Boxing “Kru Muay” (Instructor/Coach of Muay Thai Kick Boxing).

Only 40 dollars —100 a month, No Contracts to sign.

@ 3508-B Westway Street, Tyler, Tx 75703 903-509-1MMA (1662)

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