To The Parents, Teachers, and Supporters of the “Every Kid is a Winner Movement”

Folks who teach and preach that everyone is all winners teach a lie, a fabrication artificially created- they set their children up for failure.

They over protect and are helping to prepare their children for failure in the future. The kids will not have viable skills to be able to cope with real world problems. This sets them up to be fired from a job or loose a chance at a future promotion, or loose future friends, relationships and fail at marriage, etc.—all because the child is being told to believe that they can never loose. The child does not cultivate a healthy real world strategy and best practice methods to deal with real problems and be able to really do their best.

To the folks who want to hide the utter truth of real competition from your child, just realize that this head in the sand mentality you teach and cultivate might help you have an easier time bringing then up happy, but you are not preparing them for Real World Life.

In our classes we teach reality on our mats. Give your child the proper tools they need to succeed in life and don’t teach them to hide from life.

“Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu/Lone Star MMA Academy, 3408-B Westway Street, Tyler Tx 75703— (903)-509-1MMA (1662).

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  1. Sharon Massey

    I so appreciate this attitude. I cannot say how tired I am of the poor little me attitude of today’s generation that we have raised. Thank you for not playing into that. Thank you for teaching kids to work hard to succeed and work to advance and realize that if they succeed they should be proud. If they do not then they need to work harder; they don’t need to blame someone else. They need to work harder and put the effort in. It is their success to earn.

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