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We would like to recognize and applaud one of our Boxing instructors entered his first Jiujitsu tournament this
past a Saturday, in Dallas Texas.


Shade Bruffet . . . . . . . .

is a two time golden gloves boxing champion, and he started training at 4 years of age in Tae Kwon Do and later received his Black Belt.

Shade has a very busy schedule and can only afford to practice and roll one night a week. He was put into a higher division than he should have been, and he competed against other young men who had longer times on the mats. In spite of this Shade one a silver medal in No Gi and later took a bronze medal against the same opponent who had won against Shade in the No Gi competition.

That took lots of skill and heart to pull it out for the bronze medal in sudden death overtime. Shade’s grappling and and new Muay Thai Skills are amazing since he has only been on our mats for such a short time.

Again, congrats on the Silver and Bronze Medals Shade.

We see big things coming for this athlete.



This past Friday the co-owner and Chief Relson Gracie / LoneStar MMA Academy Instructor Drew Arthur travelled to Dallas Police Academy. Drew had the honor and sincere pleasure to pin a DALLAS Police Badge on one of his students.

The student is
Dallas Police Officer

Luke Howerton.

Luke also won a great award that recognized his shooting skills. Luke was honored to be asked to help assist in the defensive tactics in his class. This is a great testament about the training that Luke received during his high school, college and post academic years, in the mats at Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu/Lone Star MMA Academy (








Congratulations Luke!

We are honored to have you as a teammate.




We will start our Reality Based Self Defense Series of classes for the general public on Fridays. This will be a 5-6 week long class. Students will learn the best in techniques and start learning how to protect themselves when they are unarmed, and how to hold onto their own firearm when they are armed. They will also learn about child safety, school safety, outside safety, bone security and safety, and traveling safety.

The instructor is a Deputy U.S. Marshal (Ret.), former police officer, former U.S.Marine Infantry/Military Police Officer & U.S Army Infantry, Black Belt in many different disciplines. Drew is also a certified Texas and certified federal law enforcement instructor.

Please contact to try our classes out for free, and to set up a time for you and your group to do training with us at:
Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu/Lone Star MMA Academy, 3508-B Westway Street, 75703
(903)-509-1MMA (1662)


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