Being in martial arts for over five decades I have seen and heard it all. I have seen and heard everyone get in and say, “I live this” I will never stop, I will be a black belt “etc. Sadly only about 1 percent of folks follow through.

IMG_1191I have even seen instructors, students, or their parents approach me and say they can’t come because they can’t pay their dues. I then see about town eating at an expensive place, or going to an expensive event, or just paying lots for something else. When they see me later, it’s the same story, “can I come back because I love it, and train, FREE or at a half price?”.

I almost have to laugh. They then always tell me hard luck stories again.

I have seen folks quit, come back, quit again, etc. They need to just apply themselves to the task and stay with it.

Be persistent, and consistent. They will achieve their goals.

Don’t say “I wish I had done it, stayed with it, just really do it”.

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