Please join us at Relson Gracie JiuJitsu/Lone Star MMA Academy in welcoming these coaches in the MMA Training Division.


Dr. Joe Glen, Drew Arthur, John Alvarez, and Attorney Jordan Jackson will be coaching.
JOE GLEEN: is Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncturist. He has been an Oklahoma wrestler since he 6 years old, and trained with and was on the Lions Den MMA Team. He also is a very talented Relson Gracie Jiujitsu Blue Belt. Joe also teaches No Gi Grappling and Wrestling at the academy.

JOHN ALVAREZ: has worked in the oil industry as a professional for many years. John is a well rounded martial artist and instructor. John is a BJJ Brown Belt in Machado Jiujitsu and has trained in jiujitsu for the past 17 years. He also holds a brown belt in Kyokushin Karate. John is a Professional MMA Fighter and has competed in many BJJ tournaments. John also instructs Jiujitsu and Kick Boxing at the academy.

JORDAN JACKSON: is an Attorney at Law. He has been an Oklahoma wrestler since he was 4 years old. Jordan was a Duke University Division 1 Blue Devil Wrestler. He is also a Professional MMA Fighter, and holds a Blue Belt in Relson Gracie JiuJitsu. Jordan also teaches No Gi Submission Grappling, and Wrestling at the academy.

DREW ARTHUR : is a Deputy U.S. Marshal (Ret), Former Police Officer, U. S. Marine Infantry & Police– Trained in martial arts for almost 55 years now. Drew holds a Brown Belt in Relson Gracie JiuJitsu, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Japanese JuJitsu, Brown Belt in Judo, Black Belt in Kempo, Black Belt in Krav Maga, Certified “KRU” (Muay Thai Kick Boxing Instructor). Drew is certified as an instructor in many different law enforcement and military training programs and has taught federal, state, local and international law enforcement and military agencies/organizations.