Police Officer Use of Force

Lately, there have been many deaths of police officers; Assassinations and murders of them. I never thought I would grow up to see things like this in my lifetime. When one is a police officer, he or she walks a tough beat.


A lawyer has days or weeks to find the legal answer to a situation that occurred. A police officer has on average just a couple to a few months of training. In a violent, volatile situation, a police officer sometimes has only seconds until he/she makes a legal determination in a life and death situation.


Most police officers are taught very basic 8 to 12 hours of rudimentary defensive tactics (that was done in practice with a compliant partner who is just trying to pass the academy). Most of these techniques will not work on the street, and don’t address core problems the officer will face in reality. Most officers will never receive defensive tactics training again during their career. 20-30 years later, after graduating the Police Academy, the officer finds him/herself 20-30 pounds heavier and out of shape. The officer is usually alone, and may have to face a younger, bigger, tougher, faster assailant. What option does an officer have once this formidable assailant suddenly attacks?


It’s a shame that most police Departments don’t have continuous defensive tactics training for their officers. Departments can save money by not providing this life saving training. An older officer who is killed in the line of duty, can be replaced by a couple of younger officers. Sad but true.


In comparison, could you imagine a CPA not attending yearly refresher training to see what new tax laws have been made? Being told they only need a calculator and basic math skills?


This is much the same for the officer. He/She will have to deal with more hand to hand violent physical altercations than situations where a firearm should be pulled.


If we expect the officer to be able to resolve situations properly, we need to give them the proper training in what they do the most (scenario situational training and street based functional defensive tactics). If we do not, we will be handing out more flags to deceased officer’s family and burying more civilians.


Let’s give officers continuous training and budget for it.


Who will help and protect the protectors that we expect will protect us? It’s up to us to help them.

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