Nothing New Under The Sun in The Marti Arts World

Today I was looking through the old copy of Bruce Lees ” Tao of Jeet Kune Do”. Bruce had made studies and research studies of different martial arts techniques in the (early 1970s) known at that time from different street combat and sport combat systems.
You  can see Bruce’s drawings of the guillotine, arm bar RNC, ankle locks. – and the twister (wrestling guillotine ), double leg takedown, single leg takedown. Judo throws, Boxing punches, and Muay Thai Kickboxing kicks-Bruce was putting this together synergistically before there was MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, and before there were BJJ tourneys on the mats on Ameridan soil.
Even before this there is a book I have from 1905, which shows two of Judo founder “Kanos ” instructors doing RNC, (Rear Naked Choke Holds) Mount, Guard escapes. Kimora’s, arm bars, triangles, etc. This was before the early World War I and World  War II and judo years.
Nothing new under the sun, just new how it is combined, executed and tweaked (in a different totality of its sum parts)- These techniques were used buy samurai with weapons in armor, and later police with vest and utility belts, soldiers with body armor and packs, on the mean streets, and in cages where folks try to pound their opponent.
No matter the different environments it’s still the same techniques- adapted for similar of different circumstances.
America has become the main melting pot for receiving different martial arts from Asia, Europe, etc.
Americans have mixed these techniques for use in street self defense, military combatives  and law enforcement defensive tactics and for combative sporting, under codified rules use on the mats and in the cage.
The blending and mixing and re-mixing of different and old techniques create living  and changing and flowing fighting  systems for the individuals specific use and goals, be it self defense, or combative sports.
Drew is a Brown Belt under Gracie Jiujitsu 9th Degree Red Belt Grand Master “Relson Gracie”. Drew also holds black belts in Japanese Jiujitsu, and Kempo., Certified Muay Thai Kick Boxing Kru (Instructor. ),and in Krav Maga. Drew has attended instructor training under  elite military and law enforcement agencies. He is a former US Marine and Army Infantryman, South Florida Policeman, and Deputy US Marshal (Retired) , Drew is a certified Personal Trainer with an emphasis on Martial Art conditioning.  He is a lifetime martial artist. At the time of this writing Drew still continues to teach and research at the age of 59 years young. Drew has been instructing seminars for police and military for many decades.He. An be contacted at:
(903)-509-1MMA (1662)


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