How Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts Gave Me Chances to Work in Law Enforcement and Security Positions

Starting Place

Learning About Violence in the World:
As a young kid I had to repeat the first grade- via not caring to learn and caring more about giving pay back to bullies.

I was first introduced to physical violence from my father as a young boy at three years of age. I was pulled out of bed and paraded around the house and beaten by a drunken father in front of my mother and her in front of me (For years).

A a young boy I coped with the violence by believing that I was the only truly real person in the world (coping mechanism).

I realized my mother couldn’t save me from the painful beatings. I thought these folks couldn’t be real humans to do what they did.

Finding My Way:
As a young boy I turned to my martial arts training and my belief in God and the bible for relief and hope of better days.

As I grew older, Martial arts was there and helped me realize that, yes people are all flawed, but that we can try to become better people.

I went through different phases of martial arts, traditional training, American style kick boxing, boxing, karate, tae Kwan do, Kempo, Kendo, Japanese Jiu-Jutsu, weapons, for conditioning, fitness, self defense etc..

In school I had many fights and always stood up to bigger, stronger bullies. Besides martial arts I had the advantage of being seasoned to understand pain and to be able to accept the pain launched my way and to fight through that physical adversity (because of lessons learned from physical abuse since I was 3). In short, I could dish out violence back to bullies at a higher level than the bullies could to me.

Out of School:
Later as a young teen in the 10th grade I was signed out of school by my father and expected to work.

While out of school, and working construction I observed my father beating my mother in the kitchen. I was a 5’7inch tall and 110 pound 15 year old. I started to fight my father back. One of his employees put me in a full Nelson and my father pulled a knife on me. I kicked him, deflected the knife, got out of the full Nelson and broke a lamp across the head of my fathers employee. I beat my father down and relieved him of the knife.

I had to leave home. I slept on the couch of a martial arts teacher. She was not my teacher, but she was kind and helped me.

Feeling Confident
I felt a lot more full of confidence in life and went back to school, crammed courses and became the student government president of my school.

Enter the Chances and Opportunities in Life:
Then I entered Parris Island to become a US Marine. I went to an infantry unit. Martial arts had given me resolve and strength and courage to become a NCO in a Marine infantry and later a Marine Military Police Unit. Later in college someone saw me practicing in the park and offered me a security job. Another man saw me fight a tough 7 Round fight against a soon to be USA Kick Boxing Champion. That man asked me if I wanted to work private investigations, and drive an armored truck for him while I was in college. I also had an additional opportunity and took it to work as the smallest bouncer in a rough bar.

All of this would be stepping stones to get me to other positions (via parlaying my martial arts skills into law enforcement and security careers).

Later these positions helped to land me positions as a Police Officer in South Florida, and as a Federal Agent (Deputy US Marshal) etc..

Because of Martial Arts Training:
This all happened because of my martial arts experience.

No, for many decades I did not operate a martial arts school. I trained and trained, in the best law enforcement (defensive tactics) and military elite military (hand-2-hand) combative (Instructors Courses) programs. I was sent all around the nation from Guam to Miami to teach life saving skills of reality based self defense.

I continued to train in many different martial arts.

I was able to teach martial art in college, in the military, in law enforcement and get better law enforcement and security positions and make a better life for myself and my family because of my training.

Yes martial arts and jiu-jitsu can help you to land other positions you desire to work in.

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