Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do

Innovative and radically ahead of his time, Bruce Lee developed a martial system and fighting strategy that has lost none of its effectiveness over time. His skill in fighting did more than just landing him jobs on-screen, it literally made him an icon in the world of martial arts.

Jeet Kune Do, abbreviated JKD, is an eclectic and hybrid style fighting art heavily influenced by the philosophy of martial artist Bruce Lee, who founded the system in 1967, referred to it as “non-classical”, suggesting that JKD is a form of Chinese Kung Fu, yet without form. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. It was named for the Wing Chun concept of interception or attacking while one’s opponent is about to attack. Jeet Kune Do practitioners believe in minimal movements with maximum effects and extreme speed. The system works by using different “tools” for different situations, where the situations are divided into ranges, which are kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling, where martial artists use techniques to flow smoothly between them.

JKD: Emphasizing the “ranges of combat”. Students are taught to confidently “flow” from long distance, “kicking- range”, to middle distance, “hand-range”, to close quarter, “trapping & grappling range”. Dan Inosanto was Bruce Lee’s most skillful and senior student.

Ray Parra is directly trained and certified by Inosanto. Our Chief Instructor, Drew Arthur was trained and certified as an instructor directly under Guru Ray Parra.

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