Faith & Family

Locally-Owned ‘Faith & Family’ Based Martial Arts Academy

We Are Here To Stay

We are locally owned and not an outside or fly-by night franchise looking to make a quick buck. Our belt promotions are done correctly. We do not sell belts, or make fast black belts for money; belts given are belts earned.
Unlike others, we do not have long term contracts, some of which can be similar to signing a military enlistment contract. These long term contracts only help the owners of the academy, not the student. We’ve heard stories everyday about martial arts schools and fitness gyms closing their doors and leaving former students and patrons out in the cold. We’ve even been told before, that, The school or gym took our money in advance, or I had to sign a 1,2, or even 3 year contract. We will not do this, as in our eyes, this is considered reprehensible

We Are Part Of Your Community

We are part of Tyler and the surrounding East Texas area – and we love this community! Again, we will not close our doors, our fees are reasonable and you have the flexibility and freedom to train whenever you want. We only want students who want to be there, who are not there for a quick promotion or to buy a watered-down martial arts program that comes with an automatic belt. If someone wants to get a quick BJJ, Krav, Judo, etc., black belt in half the time, they are welcome to attend many of the this areas corporate commercial martial arts school. We would not be able to help those students, because we believe in working for your ranks, as well as receiving them from the head of the martial arts system as often as possible.
We Love Tyler, We Love East Texas – We Are Here To Stay.

Community Recognition

We give back to the community. Our academy and the accomplishments and sacrifices we have made for our community, state, and country has been officially recognized by the former Mayor Barbara Bass, the Honorable Louie Gohmert, and other local and national officials. We are Tyler, and we are East Texas. We are proud to have brought up a superior cadre of local citizens who have become our students, great competitors, and fantastic instructors. Also, many of our academy’s local instructors are military veterans, former federal agents, doctors, business people, and educational teachers, etc. and most hold at least a four year college degree.

Anyone can open a school, and take in money, but few have the heart, mind, and soul and good intentions to stay long term to help others. We have been here in Tyler, Tx and East Texas for over 12 years.