Do the right thing

I am proud as I soon reach LEVEL 62 (years of age on planet earth)— I have been in martial arts since I was 5. It has propelled me to achieve and do what’s right. I beat the odds by quitting school, and then going back, becoming president of my student government, graduating in time ) cramming four years into three.

It helped me to become a U.S. Marine Corps Infantryman/0311, U.S. Army Infantryman 11-Bravo, South Florida Police Officer, & a Deputy U.S. Marshal 1811. It helped me to go on to train and earn Black Belts in Relson Gracie JiuJitsu,  Judo, Japanese JuJitsu, Krav Maga, Kempo, and become a certified Kru Muay (Muay Thai Kick Boxing) Instructor. It helped me to achieve combative instructor certification in the military, and arrest and control certification under elite units. It helped me to pass two world renowned SWAT SCHOOLS.


I am most proud that in all of these years I have never recruited students or instructors from other schools. I have never left a school or sensei in a bad way to open a school and take his students because of my relationship with the students.

And I have survived, and flourished and learned more and became more in life by not doing wrong, or evil. I am blessed because I accepted folks can do wrong and rationalize and lie. That’s life.

I have always had to try to do my best. Do what I morally know is right, and ethical in deed and action and in my heart. I took harder roads and built my own martial arts schools and my own way. I did it and continue to do it honorably and the right way.

Loyalty, Honor, Respect, for all of my instructors. I can only see as far as I can because they let me stand on their shoulders.


– Drew

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