Buyer Beware!


Says it all – don’t waste your time, your physical well being and hard earned dollars to train in old school martial arts who have watered down what works in order to capture your bucks. Don’t train in aggressive survival of the fittest gyms/schools. It’s just a matter of when you get hurt badly. Be careful and discern when you see thugs, folks who can’t succeed in life off the mats, dopers teaching, or training.

drew_gracie_black_beltYou and your kids need to be safe, and train in certified programs which are safe, and really work well during a violent assault attack.

Don’t get tricked into signing contracts (con-traps).

I have used these techniques and training methods to disarm violent criminals who aimed their firearm on me. I was successful in disarming and subduing and arresting these armed assailants.

I impart this real knowledge to my students.

Commercial schools main goal is to get the dollars. Our main emphasis is on self defense that really works, and then secondly on fun combative sports and fun fitness In that order.

You can have it all.

We have 40 and 60 dollar packages at Green Acres Baptist and we have comprehensive (all classes) full packages at our academy for only 100 a month with no contracts to sign.

3508-B Westway Street, Tyler, Tx 75703


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