Blue Belt Test

Last night we had many students on the mats – we covered many techniques – lots of the Choke series, etc. When a student test and get promoted with us they have exceptional skills.

They are also great folks, not going through a revolving door in and out of jail. They are not super aggressive, and they learn to help nurture students, and to drill and flow and and leave the ego outside the front door. Relson Gracie Jiujitsu helps the students to not only be great martial artist but to strive and thrive and be disciplined to succeed in life. To be a better person. If this is what you are looking for then jump on our mats, and bags.  REMEMBER : You can find schools, gyms, etc that are interested in volume and money only? And are very commercialized. You can fine Fake McDojos that sell belts, and you can find schools/gyms that are aggressive fight and survive clubs. We believe Jiujitsu is for everyone, kids as young as 3 years old, and boys, girls, men, women, and seniors. Everyone has a right to defend theirs and their loved ones lives.  #NoThugPolicy #ZeroDrama #NurturingInstructors #MilitaryVetOwned #LawEnforcementVetOwned #RealRelsonGracieJiuJitsuBlackBeltInSmithCountyTx #JudoBlackBelt #JapaneseJuJitsuBlackBelt #MuayThaiKru #KravMagaBlackBelt #JKDInstuctor  @ Relson Gracie Jiujitsu/Lone Star MMA 3508- B Westway Street, Tyler, Texas 75703 – (903)-590-(1MMA)-

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