Shade Bruffett

Boxing Instructor:

Shade started Taekwondo at the age of 4 under Master William Taylor and later with Taekwondo Plus receiving his black belt at the age of 12.

At 14, Shade began his boxing career with his coach Shawn Vascocu, of the legendary Vascocu boxing family of East Texas.

Shade then went on to win two Golden Gloves Championships with coaches Shawn Vascocu and Aaron Todd in his corner, and competed at the Texas State Golden Gloves.

After an injury side lined his boxing career, he began his coaching apprenticeship in boxing. Received his boxing coach certification level 1 with USA Boxing.

Shade had the honor at the 2011 East Texas Golden Gloves to work the corner with the late great boxing champion Bobby Vascocu.
He has also worked the corner in professional boxing as a cutman.

Shade now has added Relson Gracie Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai Kick Boxing to his MMA resume` under Kru Drew Arthur.

Shade is an EMT/Firefighter

Shade Bruffett
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